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When a dangerous mission goes wrong, two CIA agents, who have a complicated, but loving relationship, must figure out who set them up to be killed and why. (Thriller/Action)




Tagline – All It Takes Is A Look


Logline – When a dangerous mission goes wrong, two CIA agents must figure out who set them up to be killed and why.


Ex-CIA agent, DESIREE PATTERSON, comes out of retirement to return to Omega 8 for a special mission where she is re-teamed with her former partner and ex-lover HARRISON MCCONNELL. During an initial training drill, their body language says one thing as they engage in a verbal and physical match, but their eyes say something completely different. It’s apparent they still love each other despite a painful past event – Harrison wasn’t around when Desiree miscarried. After the drill is completed, Harrison states, “I never meant to hurt you.”


While on the covert assignment in Russia, it takes a disastrous turn when Desiree gets hit with a bullet that severely wounds her. Harrison can’t save her, so he flees.


Three months later, Desiree is recovering at home. Harrison has not come to see if she is alive or dead because he is in hiding. MITCHELL DECKER, the head of Omega 8 and CIA agent KATHY MYERS, show Desiree photos of Harrison meeting with a Russian arms dealer. Desiree begins to believe Harrison is the mole in Omega 8 and a traitor to his country.


In an attempt to lure Harrison out of hiding, Kathy is able to send him a message that Desiree is still alive. Even though Harrison knows it is risky to go see Desiree, he must in order to tell her the truth that Mitchell is the real mole and Kathy is working with him. When Kathy leaves Desiree’s house one day, Harrison sneaks in and visits her. He explains everything to Desiree and tells her the plan he has to bring down Mitchell and Kathy. Harrison also tells Desiree to pretend to go along with the story Kathy and Mitchell told her so they don’t get suspicious.


Desiree fills Harrison in on Mitchell’s plan, which is for her to pretend she can’t move or speak when Harrison visits. Then, pretend she dies of complications from the bullet wound.


Harrison enters Desiree’s bedroom, she is asleep. When she opens her eyes, Harrison talks lovingly to her, then kisses her. Going along with the plan, Harrison leaves after Desiree “dies.” Now that Harrison is out of hiding, the mission can be completed – to kill Harrison and to make it look like he is the mole in Omega 8 and he has been doing illegal arms deals in Russia.


When Desiree looks out the window and sees Harrison’s car still outside, she is puzzled. Suddenly, his car explodes. Meanwhile, Kathy is sneaking up behind Desiree with a knife to stab and kill her. Desiree hears two gunshots, turns and sees Harrison holding his gun. They both look down at Kathy, who is dead. Harrison tells Desiree he knew something was terribly wrong by the way she communicated that message with her eyes in the bedroom. That’s why he didn’t get in the car and why he came back in the house. Desiree says, “All it takes is a look.” Harrison responds, “Between us, yes.”


Touch With Your Eyes is a thriller/action short film.

Written, Directed, and Produced

by Jillian Bullock


Jillian Bullock

John J. Quinlan

Misty Godfrey

John Antorino

On Set Production Photos Cast & Crew

Jillian is using the short film in order to gain interest from major producers and film studios to turn into a feature film. Those interested in reading the full-length script and/or to see the completed short film contact Jillian at – Serious inquires only.