When a dangerous mission goes wrong, two CIA agents, who have a complicated, but loving relationship, must figure out who set them up to be killed and why. (Thriller/Action)


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Tagline – For Some Veterans, the Real War Begins When They Return Home.


An Army medic struggles to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and deals with carrying the baby of the Captain who sexually assaulted her. At the same time the Captain, who is dying from cancer, must confront his past.


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Shadows of Love Betrayal & Murder

Tagline – For psychologist Jennifer Tigger falling in love can be deadly.


Jennifer Tigger, a forensic psychologist, is a consultant for the Philadelphia police. She is called in to help them find a serial killer, who only murders men. Soon Jennifer realizes that all the victims were guys she had sex with. While on the case, Jennifer falls in love with the lead FBI agent, James Weston, who could end up the next victim. With time running out, Jennifer must stay one step ahead of the police and figure out who is trying to frame her for the murders? (Crime Thriller)

The Neighborhood

Tagline – Watch Your Back!


In a world where having money and education should afford you an amazing life, an interracial couple, who are doctors, realize that their “perfect” home in the suburbs isn’t what they expected when a group of neighbors tries to kill them. (Short, Drama)

Wake Up Dead

Tagline – Even when you’re alive you can still be dead.


When a professional mixed martial arts fighter dies from a kick to the head, he is brought back to life by doctors only to realize that he’s been living life as if he was dead. He must fight to regain his humanity and learn compassion, love and gratitude if he ever wants to truly live. (Drama)

**All screenplays were written by Jillian Bullock and are registered with the Writers Guild of America.

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