Production Begins April 2021 in Philadelphia, PA

Tagline – When life starts to imitate art someone isn’t going to survive.


An award winning screenwriter, who is recovering from an emotional breakdown, must figure out who is terrorizing her before she goes insane. (Thriller)


A Cup Full of Crazy is a psychological thriller about Angela Rodriguez, an award winning screenwriter and former professional mixed martial arts fighter, who is trying to get her life back on track after she suffers an emotional breakdown a year earlier.

Angela is currently writing a thriller about a serial killer in Philadelphia. A few days into writing the script, Angela starts to see a man at night in her backyard who is dressed the same way the serial killer is in her script. After a series of incidents happen to Angela, she confides in her best friend, Ellen, and her psychiatrist, Dr. Rivers. Neither one of them are sure Angela’s incidents are real or just her imagination since she is on anti-depressant medication.

After Angela’s house is broken into, she takes it upon herself to figure out what is truly going on before she suffers another mental breakdown. Is her script part of her reality or is she truly “crazy?”

Thriller and horror movies and televisions shows are a perennial favorite among audiences. The storylines tap into our single most primal animal desire—to survive—and give us space to imagine how we would react if we were put into the same situation as Angela.


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Jacnith Headlam as the lead female role Angela Rodriguez Stevens.


Jacnith’s credits include Movies: “Voiceless,” ‘In This Corner,” “The Freight Rider,” “Swing,” “Diary of a Badman,” “Broken Wings,” “Lola,” “Dirty Girl.”

Manny Mertis as the lead male role Joshua Norwood


Manny’s credits include Movies: “Without You,” “Blind Visions,” “Hurt: The Elegant Deception,” “Deadly Gamble.” TV shows: “The Breakup,” “House of Cards.”

Brian A. Wilson as Dr. Jon Rivers


Brian’s credits include Movies:  Creed,” “Glass,”  “Oceans 8,” “Limitless,” “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,”  “Right Before Your Eyes,” “A Place in Hell.” TV Shows: “Blue Bloods, “Gotham,”  “Sirens,”  “Broad City,” “Underground Kings,” “The Wire.”


Christopher Mann as Detective Mitch McCord


Christopher’s credits include: Movies: “Creed II,” “Luce,” “Manhunter,” “What Death Leaves Behind,” “Loving,”  “Mindhunter,” “Deliver Us From Evil.” TV Shows: “Blue Bloods, “The Good Cop,” “Law and Order: SVU, “House  of Cards,” “The Wire,” “Underground Kings.”

John Torres as Mark Diaz


John’s credits include: Movies: “Driving Force,” “Night Job,” “Control,” “Breakdown,” “The Last Sound.”


Michael Beach


Michael’s credits include: Movies: “Aquaman,” “If Beale Street Could Talk,” “Canal

Street.” TV Shows: “Chicago PD,” “Truth Be Told,” “S.W.A.T.,” “The Rookie,” “Blue


Geoffrey Owens


Geoffrey’s credits include: TV Shows: “Power,” “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “The Blacklist,” “The Cosby Show.”

William Levy


William’s credits include: Movies: “Killing Sarai,” “Girl’s Trip,” “Addicted” “Resident Evil, The Final Chapter.”

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