Jillian Bullock was hired by Hollywood producers Steven Paul Taylor and Rylan Rafferty to direct “22” inspired by a true story.


Logline - After witnessing the death of his brother in combat, a traumatized young marine struggles internally while seeking help that becomes increasingly difficult to obtain.

As an award winning filmmaker, Jillian Bullock is in development on a documentary entitled Sexy Vegan Living, which will highlight her own journey from living with Type II diabetes to going into remission through nutrition, exercise, and spiritual mindfulness. Plus, how she was able to get in the best physical shape of her life in her late 50’s.


The documentary will also include interviews with other vegan athletes and celebrities, who have thrived and benefited from adopting a plant based, vegan lifestyle. Sexy Vegan Living will teach people the benefits of going vegan and how to prevent or even reverse chronic diseases. All information in the documentary will be backed by medical doctors, researchers, scientists, and consumer advocates.


More information that will be included in Sexy Vegan Living:

• How to begin the vegan transition.

• Meal recipes to get you started.

• The do’s and don’ts of a plant based and vegan lifestyle.

• Exercises to help you get to in the best shape of your life.

• What your doctor doesn’t know may kill you.

• How to get strong and more powerful, even as you age.

• Why vegans have great sex lives.

• How to live life to the fullest.

• What leading health organizations don’t want you to know.

•  What foods naturally boost libido, fuel sex drive and foods to avoid.

• Alternative and holistic methods for health, wellness and healing the mind, body and spirit.

• And much more.